Boys, get ready.” The
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    en one word more—“Steady!” and then when she drew back from bending over the murmuring man, she fell upon her knees and prayed. Quantrell was dead. Before his death he had become a Catholic and had been visited daily by two old priests. To one of these he made confe

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    ssion, and such a confession! He told everything. He was too serious and earnest a man to do less. He kept nothing back, not even the least justifiable of his many homicides. As the priest listened and listened, and as year after year of the wild war work was made to g


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ive up its secrets, what manner of a man must the priest have imagined lay dying there. Let history be just. On that hospital bed, watched by the calm, colorless

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face of a Sister of Charity, a dead man lay who, when living, had filled with his deeds248 four years of terrible war history. A singularly placid look had come

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with the great change. Alike was praise or censure, reward or punishment. Fate had done its worst and the future stood revealed to the spirit made omniscient by i

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